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Site Name Recommended Grade Level Link (Click Here) Description
Math Cats Third Grade and above Math Cats Great site for older elementary. Challenging and fun games . Very interesting ways of looking at math. First Grade and above Mr. Nussbaum Really fun and cool games. Watch out for the pop-ups!
PBS CyberChase Second Grade and above CyberChase Really fun and cool games.Based on the PBS Kids show, Cyber Chase.
National Center for Statistics Third Grade and above National Center for Statistics Interesting and fun activities that deal with data, probability, and statistics.
Mathematical Interactivities Third Grade and above Mathematical Interactivities Simple games to explain or practice math skills and concepts.
Cool Math Games First Grade and above Cool Math Games Fun math games for kids. Watch out for the ads! Formerly Cool Math 4 Kids.
Two Minute Math Test Fourth Grade and above 2 Minute Math Test Test your math skills against the clock. Can you beat the computer?
First In Math Fifth Grade and above First in Math First in Math competition
Math Playground Second Grade and above Math Playground Fun games that help learn math facts.
DesignIt BuildIt Kindergarden and above Fidgit Crazy Hard but Crazy Fun!
Launch Ball Second Grade and above Launch Ball Like FIdgits but a little different. Crazy hard but Crazy fun. Make your own levels.
Fraction Games Fourth Grade and above Visual Fractions Helps learn fraction concepts.
Jamit Fractions Fourth Grade and above Jamit Fractions Quirky fraction games.
Various Fraction Games Fourth Grade and above Various Fraction Games Various fraction Games
Harder Math Games - The Math Games First Grade and above The Math Games These games are harder and take on more advanced math skills.
Learning Games for Kids All Grades and above Learning Games for Kids Lots of different learning games for all subject matters.
Kids Numbers All Grades and above Kids Number Math games that give you step-by-step instructions for math problems. Second Grade and above Student recommended site. Student says she learned her math times tables in one week with this site.
SmartKit Second Grade and above Smart Kit Fun, school safe games.
Hooda Math All Grades and above Hooda Math Has games that require skills with math. Recommended by Joshua S.
IXL All Grades and above IXL A log on site that can be used by Linden Hill students if their teacher has given them the login information.

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