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Welcome to TimeShifters.inc

Welcome to the TimeShifters.inc. Employee Portal and welcome to the TimeShifter.inc family! Here you can find all your digital time travel materials (such as visas, currency, disease and plague forecast data, maps, and timelines). Please continue reading to learn more about the many benefits you will receive as a TimeShifter.inc employee. We are sure you'll have the time of your life with us.

Travel and Report Documents

As you ramble along the timeline, you will need to produce certain documents to secure your safety through politically unstable regions of time. Should you ever be caught without these documents, remain calm and don't panic. You can always return to this Web portal to print copies. Should you be caught without your documents and away from the Employee Portal, we may not be able ensure your status as a full-fledged Timeshifter. At this point, please feel free to panic as necessary. Repeat as needed.

Food through the Ages

You can also find a wide variety of time-accurate cuisine (complete with authentic parasites!) in our staff cafeteria! Be sure to visit our virtual Chronoshop to pick up any time specific bobbles, trinkets, and souvenirs with which to trade on your travels.


Should you need to change dollars to florin or wampum, not to worry! All our employees are offered fee-free banking across all time periods! You can also deposit your time specific currency with us and access these funds throughout the known (and some unknown) regions of the world. Please note that after the Stampede Debacle of naught-six, we no longer accept funds in the form of live animals (this includes single-cell animals).


A well-provisioned Time Traveler should never leave his/her time period without the proper, "fresh" new, technological gear. Whether you need a lever or a slide rule, an inclined plain or an atomizer, we have your supplies. If you are traveling to the Age of Exploration, you will need to secure maps and royal permission through your local principality, duchy, kingdom, or encomienda. Some luxury tax may apply in certain time periods.

Travel Arrangements

We are pleased to offer you travel arrangements for all time periods. Should you need to travel via camel, elephant, litter, canoe, or ostrich, so long as you have your period-specific driver's license, we will give you the keys. All modes of transportation are accepted "as is" and should be returned in similar or improved fashion. All combustion, fusion, maglev, or nuclear vehicles must be returned with a full power source or be charged a premium for a full tank.


What do to first:

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Not sure what to do? Not to worry my young amigo/a. We've got you covered. Follow the steps listed below and you will be O.K.!

  1. Find your travel buddy
  2. Secure your travel documents
  3. Read your Time-travel Report Requirements
  4. If you have questions, contact your time travel Tokoyrikoq - AKA Dr. B