Description - Artists can make money by creating and selling artwork that exemplifies the techniques perfected during the Renaissance (3-d, perspective, material, and the human form). Once your art is ready to sell, it can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. You can also win the game by creating a wonder (creating and selling 5 pieces of art). See the section below to learn more about the wonder.

Guild Phase

  1. History - Quiz
    1. Ducksters
    2. Quizlet
  2. Indulgences Quiz
    1. Kiddle
    2. Quizlet
  3. Martin Luther Quiz
    1. Kiddle
    2. Kiddle
  4. Perspective - Quiz
    1. Scholastic
    2. Quizlet
  5. Gutenberg - Quiz
    1. Mr. Dowling
    2. Quizlet
  6. DaVinci - Quiz
    1. Duckster
    2. Museum of Science
    3. Quizlet