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apothecary: a person who prepares and sells medicines

apprentice: a person who trains for a job or skill by working under the
supervision and guidance of an expert in the field

baptistery: a part of a church used for carrying out the purifying ritual of

basilica: a type of large Christian church, often built in the shape of a

cardinal: a high-ranking religious leader in the Catholic Church

chateau: a French castle, or large country house; chateaux is the plural

chief of state: the recognized leader of a country

“classical literature:” (phrase), the works of ancient Greek and Roman

commerce: the buying and selling of goods and services

commission: to formally ask for the creation of something, as in a building
or a painting

council: a group of people who meet to help enforce laws and run a

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courtier: a person who serves as a friend or adviser to a ruler in his or her

cunning: the use of deception or shrewdness in dealing with others

devise: to come up with an idea, plan, or invention

diplomacy: the tactful management of relationships between two or more
parties or countries

diplomat: a person who represents a government in its relationships with
other governments

embodiment: a person who represents or provides a good example of an idea

engraving: an image made by carving a block of wood or metal surface, which is then covered with ink and pressed onto some other surface

exile: the state of being made to live outside of a place as a form of

fresco: a type of painting made on wet plaster

form: the shape of something

furnishings: the things found in a room, including furniture, rugs, curtains, and artwork

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goldsmith: a craftsperson who makes items out of gold

galley: a flat-bottomed boat with both sails and oars


hereditary: describing something that is passed down as from a parent to a child

heritage: something that is inherited by one person or group from an older
person or group

humanist: a person who studies or teaches the humanities, that is, literature, history, poetry, and the art of speaking learn more about the civilization’s art and history.

indulgence: the removal or reduction of certain punishments for sin, linked to a special act of penance

“jack-of-all-trades:” (idiom): a person who can do a large number of jobs or tasks.

lagoon: a small body of water that is connected to a larger one

manuscript: n. a book or document written by hand

mason: a person who builds or works with brick or stone

masterpiece: a work of art that demonstrates the highest degree of skill

Quiz 4 - Quizlet

“merchant class:" a social class made up of wealthy and powerful merchants

oration: a public speech

papal: having to do with the pope

patron: a person who gives money or other support to someone, such as an artist

perspective: a technique used to make something that is flat appear to have depth, in addition to height and width

political science: the study of how governments work

precision: the use of great care and skill

prior: a priest who helps lead a monastery

quarry: to take stone from the earth

realism: the quality of being realistic, or true to life

Renaissance man: a person who has wide interests, knowledge, and skills

Quiz 5 - Quizlet

résumé: a listing of a person’s skills, training, and achievements

revenue: income, money you make from a job or business

rhetoric: n. the skill of using words effectively in speaking or writing

scholar: a person who specializes in a specific academic subject; an expert

senate: a group of people who make laws and help govern a place

stable: unlikely to go through changes

textile: cloth or fabric

three-dimensional: describing an object that has depth as well as width and height, especially a painting that appears not to be flat

visionary: a person who is able to imagine and plan for the future

woodcut: a print made by carving an image into a block of wood, which is then used to print the image onto some other surface


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