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Computer Skills Growth Chart

E-Mail and Internet

Network & Computing Skills

Word Processing

Graphics & Presentation

Spreadsheets & Databases


Send and read attachments. Find information using teacher-selected search engines or directories.

Multitask by switching among open windows. Use keyboard shortcuts (e.g., Ctrl or Open Apple -C)

Format page layout (margins, tabs, orientation, page breaks). Create a table. Use a thesaurus.

Create a multimedia presentation using a blank document. Use animation and transitions to enhance a presentation.

Create simple formulas. Format data. (decimal places, percentage format, etc.) Search a database by specifying the value of particular fields.


Send, reply, forward and cc an e-mail independently.

Copy, cut and paste between windows or documents. Make folders.

Edit text (cut, copy, paste, move). Create bulleted or numbered list.

Import pictures to the computer using a digital camera or scanner. Resize or crop graphics.

Use a spreadsheet to do simple calculations. (sum, average, etc.) Insert and delete rows and columns.


Create bookmark and use them as navigation tools. Enter a URL to reach a site. Search for information using teacher-selected sites.

Launch a program using a menu. Create, open and close a file. Save to and retrieve a file.

Format text (size, font, style, color, alignment). Use spell check and dictionary.

Create a multimedia presentation.

Perform arithmetic calculations in a spreadsheet. (add, subtract, multiply, divide). Can sort data. Can create graphs and charts from data.


Use bookmarks to reach teacher-selected sites.

Log on to the network using a student name according to local policy. Minimize, maximize, and restore windows. Print from within a program.

Edit by inserting and deleting. Key in a paragraph with word wrap, capital letters, and punctuation.

Insert and position clipart or a graphic into a document. Reorder slides in an existing presentation.

Locate a spreadsheet cell by its row and column address. Adjust sizes of rows and columns.


Use the browser navigation tools (back, forward, refresh, stop) and scroll in windows.

Handle CDs, discs and other media appropriately.

Understand cursor placement. Key in phrases or sentences with proper spacing.

Take pictures using a digital camera

Enter and delete text or numeric data in a teacher-created spreadsheet


Follow a link.

Use a mouse or a touch pad. Start up and shut down a computer properly. Launch a program from an icon.

Key in letters to form words .

Draw or stamp in pictures using computer programs

Locate data in a spreadsheet or chart