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Educational Resources

Tuna Runa - Tuna Runa is my class web site. It is my portal for lessons and student interaction. The site has had as many as 45,000 hits a month.

Linden Cafe - This site is a teacher resource portal for Linden Hill Elementary. The site manages, classroom documents, standards, resources, and interschool communication.

Civil War - This site is an interactive learning tool where the students experience the Civil War through a semi-virtual simulation.

Study Nature - This site is a prop for a lesson involving technology and outdoor education.

Time Travel Portal - Another prop and resource center for a lesson.

Linden Hill Elementary School - School web informational web site.

Professional Web Design

History of Education Society - An informational web site detailing the society's function and activities.

APOA - This site is a web presence for a small international metals commodities business. This site is updatable by the client.

Current work:

  1. Redesigning University of Delaware's Center for Teaching Excellence. Example not available at this moment.
  2. Developing classroom resource Data Lens
  3. Developing a web site to host student videos - I am a Part of Something Important