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Kindergarten News

Letter to come.

First Grade News

We will begin a two week lesson on data. We will interview and collect our friend's opinions about their favorite pet. Students will use tally marks to keep track of their results. The following week, we will use Microsoft Excel to convert our data into a graph.

Second Grade News

This week we will begin collecting and analyzing data. Students will interview each other about a topic and then we will use Microsoft Excel to create a graph of our data. This is a two week activity. During the first week we will interview our peers and the following week we will use Excel to create a spreadsheet to create a graph.

We talk at some length about being a respectful interviewer and a gracious interviewee. We all discuss looking at the sample population to determine if a particular topic will be successful with our populations. For instance, not all students know or like PowerRangers but most students know which season is their favorite.

Third Grade News

This week we begin a mult-week project that involves researching, creating a presentaiton and presenting to an audience. We will be researching a national park, we will ask questions about this park and then find the answers about this animal. Our next step is to use PowerPoint to record our questions and our answers. We will present this information to our colleagues.

As noted above, this will take several weeks and the completed projects are amazing.

Fourth Grade News

Fifth Grade News

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